Missouri Goodwill Excel Centers Start New Term This Week

Term 4 is the school’s largest term yet with 985 students enrolled!

ST. LOUIS, MO (March 24, 2021) – MERS Goodwill Excel Centers began Term 4 on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 in all four locations: St. Louis, Springfield, Poplar Bluff and Columbia. The Goodwill Excel Centers began the year with over 220 graduates earning their high school diplomas, and almost 378 graduates in total since opening in 2018. Beginning Wednesday, 985 students are enrolled in the district to start Term 4. In the St. Louis location approximately 500 students are enrolled, with 201 in Springfield, 163 in Columbia and 121 students enrolled in Columbia.

The Goodwill Excel Center is a tuition-free high school that gives adults the opportunity to earn an actual high school diploma. While earning their diploma, students can earn college credits and a variety of industry-recognized certifications to increase their earning potential.

“This year our goal remains – for our students to receive the quality education they deserve and for Excel Centers to provide the support needed in order for these students to graduate from high school,” said Mark Arens, Executive Vice President and Chief of Program Services for Goodwill and its Goodwill Excel Centers. “It’s never too late to finish your education, for free, and we are so proud of the record number of students enrolled right now. It is just the beginning for them.”

Due to the pandemic, the Excel Centers are still conducting courses online with limited in-person classes and tutoring services. The schools hope to resume the next term, Term 5, in person in June.  Those interested in applying can call 314-982-8802 or visit https://excel.mersgoodwill.org/.

With approximately 500,000 people in Missouri over 21 without a high school diploma, the organization hopes that people continue to take advantage of the Goodwill Excel Centers. The Goodwill Excel Center mission is the same throughout the MERS Goodwill organization: Changing lives through the power of work.

About MERS/Missouri Goodwill Industries:

MERS Goodwill changes lives through the power of work. Its vision is a community where each individual has the opportunity to learn, work, and achieve their greatest potential. Annually serving more than 15,000 individuals, the non-profit agency operates in 46 locations serving 93 counties in the bi-state area. Revenues from 44 Goodwill stores assist with funding MERS Goodwill job training and employment services. MERS Goodwill is a proud member of the United Way and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  The agency is also profiled on the nonprofit organization database GuideStar, where MERS Goodwill is ranked with the Platinum Seal of Approval.  For more information about MERS Goodwill or to find a Goodwill donation center near you, call 314-241-3464 or visit www.mersgoodwill.org.