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A Tuition-Free
High School for Adults

The Excel Center® is an accredited tuition-free high school that gives adults the opportunity to earn an actual high school diploma.

While earning their diploma, students earn college credits and a variety of industry-recognized certifications in order to increase their earning potential.

How Are We Different?

The Excel Centers are accredited tuition-free high schools for adults that provide flexible class schedules, supportive relationships with staff and a life coach who works with students to find solutions for life’s challenges that could hinder progress.

Our four Missouri Excel Centers located in St. Louis, Columbia, Poplar Bluff and Springfield offer free drop-in child care centers, transportation assistance, extended hours and year-round operation all to support students as they work toward the goal of earning an actual diploma.

Earn a High School Diploma and College Credits Simultaneously!

Featured Stories


Single Mother Overcomes Obstacles to Reach High School Graduation

For adults, returning to high school can be a difficult task especially when life’s obstacles arise. However, with the right support, they can still thrive in a high school setting to reach their ultimate goal—graduation. Paige Mallory, 28, learned about...

Kenyatta Tyler Perseveres at The Excel Center

Kenyatta had dropped out of high school as a sophomore. His pursuit of earning a high school diploma seemed over. In July 2016, at 24 years old, he enrolled at The Excel Center with 14 credits. “Once you don’t graduate...

Single Father Making School a Priority

When someone struggles with being in and out of the criminal justice system, it can be difficult to break the cycle. For many of these individuals, education becomes a solution to make that happen. Cortez Adkins, 23, enrolled at The...

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